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Audition Preparation:

     - Audition Technique

     - Monologue Selection

     - Perfecting the Monologue for Auditions

     - Cold Reading

     - Taking Direction

     - Personalized Coaching and Taping for Casting Director Requests

Fundamentals of Acting:

     - Scene Study in Film, Television, and Stage Plays

     - Improvisation

     - Character Breakdown

     - Script Analysis

Industry Consultation:

     - Agent Submissions and Interviews

     - Understanding Castings (a look at the in's and out's)

     - Selecting the Best Photographer for Your Needs

     - Review of current acting materials

Benefits for Everyone:

     - Public Speaking

     - Confidence

     - Self-Esteem

     - Improved Memory

     - Poise

On-Set Coaching:

Please email me for rates and info


*Contact Courtney for Lesson pricing

Cancellation policy: All cancellations must be received within 24 hours of your lesson or you will be held accountable for that lessons fee.

**All Paypal invoices must be paid before the next lesson.

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