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The Acting Resume... Its an Art

The Acting Resume... It's an Art   

Ahhhh, the "Acting" resume.  For the beginning actor, it can become quite cumbersome.Whatdo I list? What category does a music video fall under? Should I list my ability to burp  on command? The answer is this...  The simpler, the better. Often times your Acting Coach or Agent has a specific template that can be used to help, all you have to do is ask.

Now that you are ready to put together, or brush up that talent resume, here are a few Do's and Don'ts that can help point you in the right direction!

Monologues...Every Actor's Worst Nightmare!

Don't let this Happen to YOU!

Let's face it, most actor's HATEmonologues. They are tedious, hard to find, and most often times, it's ridiculously hard to find therightone.

Monologues are, however, necessary in the Entertainment Industry, and many times your monologue can make or break an audition.

The process for perfecting the monologue can be a long and drawn out, but working with a coach can really be beneficial. Many of my students have booked jobs, gained an Agent, or wowed audiences with their pieces.

Tips to make you a GREAT talent...and an Agents BFF: Part Two

Welcome to 2014! Hopefully 2013 was a great year for you, full of bookings and castings! My last blog was full of tips for how to make your Agent love you,  (if you missed it you can check it outhere) and was met with such enthusiasm, that I decided to continue the series!
 Most of these tips are for everyone, not just Industry Newbie's. It is important to refresh and go back to basics once in awhile to make sure that you are always moving forward and continuing your education as a talent.

Tips to make you a GREAT talent, and an Agents BFF Part: One

In my experience as an Agent I learned a lot about talent and what makes them tick. I tried to be very understanding, and explain to them as much as I could about many things. I mean after all I was once in their shoes, and this business can be very difficult to understand and break into.
 Agents can get very busy, especially during "Season" (which is a good thing for the talent), so it can be difficult for them to answer questions, or completely be at the talents' disposal.

The Importance of Classes and Coaching

The Importance of Classes and Coaching
This is a blog post that is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Yes, I am an Acting Coach, and that is how I make my living, but more importantly because I want to see  the actors in Central Florida start booking the roles that are going to out of state talent!
As an agent, I saw just how many actors were not making their craft a priority. They would get castings or request tapings, and were confused as to why they were not receiving callbacks, and many times I had to be very blunt and point out, "Its because you are not doing anything to better yourself, or your craft!

The "Self Taped" Audition

The Self Taped Audition:
At some point in every actor's career, be it Television, Film or even Commercial you will be asked to submit a "self taped" audition to your Agent. If possible, you should have a coach or a taping service help you out with these auditions. Coaches are experienced in what the Casting Directors like and can help you send out the most professional tape possible.
If it is a last minute request, and you cannot get into a coach or taping service, here are some helpful hints to ensure that your videos will look as professional as possible.

Submitting to an Agency- The Children's Edition

Submitting to an Agency- The Children's Edition!

Are you ready to start seeking representation for your child? Here is the correct way to do it and some important questions to ask yourself and your child BEFORE you submit.

1.Is my child social and well behaved?You may have the most gorgeous child on the planet, but if they are super shy or are a free spirit, this industry may not be a good fit. Kids as young as 2 will be asked to audition alone in a room with the casting director, or may have to wait for an extended period of time to audition or go on set for a job.

How to Properly Submit to an Agency

How to Properly Submit to an Agency:
A question that I get quite often is "How do I correctly submit to an agency?" and as a former agent, I can tell you a majority of talent are doing it wrong!
When it comes to submitting and finding a quality agent with a good reputation you must READ what they are asking of you! The first thing you should do is go to the agency website that you are submitting for, 9 times out of 10, there will bespecific instructions there.

Tip for Today!

Happy Friday Everyone! Today's tip will be followed by a small series on how to get an agent, and what you can expect in the process. I thought I would start off with a small piece of advice! You can always feel free to email me with questions!Courtney@talentcoachingbycourtney.com
TIP: Find a GOOD agent. Agencies are not "one size fits all." Finding an agent can be hard work. Exclusive? Non exclusive? What kind of promotional materials will I need? What kind of work can I expect?


Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new site! I added this page to help provide insightful tips for talent looking to make a name themselves in the industry! Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments here as well!
Coaching Tip:
Summer can be a really slow time in Central Florida's industry, but that is a GREAT time for you to take the opportunity to prepare yourself for the fall, when things will pick up fast! Take advantage of the summer to get new photos, update your resume, do some community theater and of course, take advantage of private coaching! Summers can be lazy, but make sure YOU are not!
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