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Tips for Being a Good Industry Parent
Is This Agency Legit? How To Tell...
To List or Multi-list? That is the Question.
Industry Tips...Orange is the Black Style
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Tips for Being a Good Industry Parent

Tips for Being a Good Industry Parent:

I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now, and while I am currently on Maternity Leave, I thought while the little one naps, I could throw some light on this topic.

First off, I used the term Industry "Parent" because dads, now more than ever, are getting involved in their kids' careers and that is such an AWESOME thing! My husband loves taking our kids to set, and being a part of what they love so much...PLUS it makes him feel like he is a part of this whole crazy experience.

Is This Agency Legit? How To Tell...

Is This Agency Legit? How to Tell...

I am so grateful that one of my students' moms brought this topic to my attention, and slightly ashamed I haven't thought of it before. Nothing boils my blood like watching innocent, but unknowing, newbies spend unnecessarily when it comes to finding representation. 

Below, I have listed some tell-tale signs of how to spot the good from the bad, and if you are EVER in doubt, PLEASE ask me! 

#1) RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH:This seems too easy, right?

To List or Multi-list? That is the Question.

                   To List or Multi-list? That is the Question:

I come across this question all the time. This is an age old question, that everyone seems to have an opinion on. I, am no different. My students often come to me saying. "Don't I want as many people as possible finding me work?" Time and time again my answer is, "No." I am aware that this answer and BLOG may make me extremely unpopular, but it's been on my heart, so here goes.

Industry Tips...Orange is the Black Style

So, I like many, many people I know, am completely obsessed with the show ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I mean, amazeballs, amirite?! I literally watched 3 Seasons in like two weeks, and with as busy as I am, that should tell you something... I may or may not have stayed up many nights until 5:00 a.m. awaiting the fate of "Pilex"...is that a thing?! 

I just wrapped up Season 3 last night, and as I was walking home from walking my mini-me to school, I got thinking about how may similarities I found between the Entertainment Industry and being in prison.

Auditions Pointers The vlog

Hey All!

For those of you who like to watch VLOGS, here are some Audition Pointers in VLOG form. Be kind, I prefer to write!

Just click the link, and enjoy. Feel free to comment, like, or share!

Have a blessed day everyone!


How to Prepare for a Commercial Audition

How to Prepare for a Commercial Audition:

I did a blog awhile ago on General Audition Pointers, you can see thathere, but  this  blog is designed to help you create a process that can make your auditions SUPER successful, and will help keep your agents/managers very happy. 

OBLIGATORY BLANKET STATEMENT: Schedule a lesson with your Acting Coach! They can help you break down the storyboard, go over lines with you, or even help to come up with improv simulations that are similar to what may be asked of you.

Industry Tips 101

Industry Tips 101
Being in the industry for as long as I can remember, I have come across all kinds of behaviors.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… I put together a little list of really simple little tips to help insure that you remain on your best behavior, in an industry that can be known for its Divas…

Never ask an agency or teacher their opinion on their competition: Like EVER…. I would never go into AT&T and ask them what they think of Verizon. It’s unprofessional.  It blows my mind when people say.

What Makes a Great Headshot

What Makes a Great Headshot?

Right after talent, headshots and resumes are at the top of the list for what can get you booked on a job. If you want tips on a great resume, check those outhere.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a great headshot. In this day and age when many clients can choose what talent they want to have audition, or even better, what talent they want to book, right over the internet, you must have a great headshot to remain competitive. This is non-negotiable. Yes, professional headshots are pricy, but in the end they are worth every penny.

It's Audition Pointers, Ya'll!

 It's Audition Pointers, Ya'll!

First of all, can we discuss the photo to the left? It seriously made me laugh out loud. That squirrel looks exactly how so many of us feel! This adorable andextremelyaccurate photo really got me thinking.. how can we make auditions EASIER???? I mean, granted, there is only so muchwecan do as actors, (you never know what the Casting Director might throw at you... see #5), but when asked by my students to help them adequately prepare for auditions, I always run them from the 5 steps below.

Entertainment Industry Terminology...Because they don't teach you this in school.

Entertainment Industry Terminology: Because they don't teach you this in school...

OK, so now you or your child has signed with an agent and you're actually going on castings! Awesome! They only down side? All this crazy terminology they keep throwing your way! Just when you think you are starting to understand this industry they start saying things like SAG and 1st right or refusal (isn't that what your husband wanted when he asked you to marry him?)

I always tell my actors, never say a word if you don't know what it means, likewise before you sign a contract, or agree to a casting or job, it's an absolute MUST to know what you're getting into.
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