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Tips to make you a GREAT talent, and an Agents BFF Part: One

In my experience as an Agent I learned a lot about talent and what makes them tick. I tried to be very understanding, and explain to them as much as I could about many things. I mean after all I was once in their shoes, and this business can be very difficult to understand and break into.
 Agents can get very busy, especially during "Season" (which is a good thing for the talent), so it can be difficult for them to answer questions, or completely be at the talents' disposal. The more knowledge you arm yourself with, the more Agent-Friendly you become as a talent, and therefore can become a breath of fresh air for your Agent.
I came up with a series of tips that even the most expert talent can forget to do at times. These are tips that I have accumulated as an Agent, Actress, and Coach, not only by my own experiences, but by talking with other Agents and Casting Directors in Central Florida. Some of these tips are for beginners, but many of them apply to talent in all walks of the industry.
Enjoy the following tips, and I promise, if you use them, your agent will LOVE you!
Tip #1: Check- in with your Agent Often: It is not only a good idea, but a must. I suggest checking in with your Agent on a monthly basis. It doesn't need to be lengthy or in-depth, but let them know you are available, and ready for auditions. Make sure to inform them of any dates you are not available, your current stats,  sizes, photos and attach your current resume with any changes that have been made.
Tip #2: Keep your photos current: This is so important! Your Agent can send your photos out multiple times a day. Make sure they are submitting the most current photos of you. Often times the client will book or make requests for talent to audition by photos alone, if you show up not looking like your photos, it reflects poorly on both you, and your Agent.
If the talent is a child they should have their photos done once a year to reflect their changes. Many times you, as a parent, cannot see the changes in your kids, but they do change BIG TIME in year. Adult talent should have their photos done every 2 years, or before, if you have any major physical changes (i.e. weight loss/gain, hair cuts/color, etc.)
Tip #3: Never repost auditions on Social Media: This seems like a no brainer, right? Unfortunately it's a huge problem. It is never OK to repost your auditions on Social Media. That isn't only limited to posting the breakdown your Agent sends you (which would blacklist you completely), it means checking in at audition locations, sharing in Facebook groups, or writing status updates like, "Little Jimmy has an audition today for SeaWorld." Even writing a status like "Jimmy has an audition today" can be a problem. Face it, inquiring minds will want to know, and nobody likes a cryptic Facebook poster. 
Some companies around town are finding audition information on places like Facebook and Twitter and having their talent crash these auditions. Which leads to unpleasant circumstances for everyone.  Auditions are your chance to get paid to do what you love, why invite more competition? Its best to keep auditions off of any social media sites!
Tip #4: Keep up with Classes and Coaching: You should constantly be working to better yourself as an actor. Central Florida is a small market, with a lot of people fighting for the same jobs, by continuing to cultivate your craft, you are ready for those auditions when your Agent calls. For more on this topic, check out this snazzy blog:
Tip #5: Don't forget to THANK your Agent:  I don't know about you, but my mom always made me write thank-you notes growing up. As an adult, its a habit I've kept. Not just because my mom would throw me the side eye if I didn't, but because It shows people that what they did matters to you.
Your Agent is one of the hardest working people on the planet! They are trying to book you all work day, after hours, on weekends, and even for many, while on vacation. Don't forget to show them some love! Remember them at Holidays, Birthdays, or just because. There are some really cute ideas, that don't cost an arm and a leg, come on we all have Pinterest, right? Sometimes a simple thank-you card, or quick email to let them know you appreciate them, will do the trick....Starbucks gift cards are also highly favorable. Let them know you recognize how hard they work! It's always nice to feel appreciated!
This concludes Part: One of this series, but it is only the beginning! I could write a book full of tips on how to be a good talent! If you ever have any questions on my tips or just questions in general on the industry, or how to find a great Agent, please contact me Courtney@talentcoachingbycourtney,com
Please feel free to share!

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