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Happy Friday Everyone! Today's tip will be followed by a small series on how to get an agent, and what you can expect in the process. I thought I would start off with a small piece of advice! You can always feel free to email me with questions!Courtney@talentcoachingbycourtney.com
TIP: Find a GOOD agent. Agencies are not "one size fits all." Finding an agent can be hard work. Exclusive? Non exclusive? What kind of promotional materials will I need? What kind of work can I expect?


Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new site! I added this page to help provide insightful tips for talent looking to make a name themselves in the industry! Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments here as well!
Coaching Tip:
Summer can be a really slow time in Central Florida's industry, but that is a GREAT time for you to take the opportunity to prepare yourself for the fall, when things will pick up fast! Take advantage of the summer to get new photos, update your resume, do some community theater and of course, take advantage of private coaching! Summers can be lazy, but make sure YOU are not!
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